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Fur Vest + Tribal Print

I love the fur vest trend for winter. However, I am usually too cold to only use a vest as outerwear. 

Since it has been a warm December, I have tried to take advantage of wearing my light weight coats and vest.

I like this vest because of the black and grey tones in the fur which match 3/4ths of my monochromatic wardrobe. 

This vest was one of those random online returns from Target that was found on the clearance rack. 

It is seriously so comfortable, and since it was a return from online, it is a nicer quality than what you typically find on the store racks. I highly recommend looking through your clearance for those random finds after Christmas. 

Underneath I wore this tribal print blouse in a neutral color palette. 

I purchased this shirt from Hollister this past summer in three colors because it was such a good deal. I don't usually shop in Hollister, but these shirts were really comfortable and great for dressing up or wearing to work. 

You can check out how I styled the others by clicking here, and here


These black leather 'Chelsea' boots are perfect for winter, and look great with cuffed jeans. 

I purchased these boots from Gap and wear them with tons of different outfits. 

 This outfit is comfortable for wearing during the day, and easy to transition into night if you're going out to dinner with friends.

What have you enjoyed wearing during this warm phase of winter?

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Day at Logan Square

Chicago still has a few sunny days left in it. 

Around Thanksgiving we survived the first Chicago snow. It was a rude awakening of what the next 5 months will be like, but it is nothing that I haven't already experienced in college when walking to classes.

We have been lucky with some nice weather recently (who expected 60 degrees in December?!) To make the most of it, my friends and I decided to explore the Logan Square area of Chicago. It is a bit west of our normal stomping grounds so we weren't too familiar with the area. 

Being the morning, we had to stop for coffee. We went to Intelligentsia coffee & tea, which is a very hip coffee bar.  The names of the beans were a bit intimidating (I really only know Starbucks roasts). I got a simple pour over because I didn't understand what any of the other fancy concoctions were. Needless to say, if you love a good cup of coffee you should check it out. 

We then ventured over to the Illinois Centennial Memorial column, also known as the Logan Square monument. 

The monument was built in 1918 stands in the middle of Logan Square to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Illinois' Statehood. 

It is in a pretty park-like area with views of downtown Chicago. The area is very trendy restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, and the Logan theatre.

And among all of this, there is a giant 'Aloha' movie billboard that overlooks the square (sadly I do not have a picture to show it) that provides the perfect amount of irony and ridiculousness. 

We then walked down some of the streets that had quaint apartments.

I definitely enjoy being able to spend time outside. I walk around a lot in the city (because I don't have a car) and weather is a pretty important factor for my commutes. It has played a huge part in acclimating to the city.

 I can't believe it is almost the new year! So many more exciting adventures await as I get to know Chicago. 

My Outfit Details

Coat: Michael Kors | Felt Floppy Hat: Oldnavy | Shirt: Bethany Mota | Necklace: Marshalls | Jeans: Gap | Boots: Sam Edelman 

Until next time,

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Chelsea's Glossary