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White for Summer with Turquoise Details

Happy Friday!

Exactly a week ago I left Cleveland for Denver to begin my new position working for Up with People. I have been busy with training and doing other activities that I haven't had a lot of time to post. Prior to leaving, I went to Niagra Falls which i will be sharing in an upcoming post, and took some outfit photos that I will be posting soon! 

I recently purchased this white flowy top from Hollister before I left for Denver. I rarely go in this store, but decided to look at the sale rack and ended up finding a variety of $42 shirts on a $9.99 sale. The clerk then informed me that these were mis-marked in their clearance area, but still gave me the awesome deal! 

I love how light this shirt is for summer and easy to throw on. 

The cut-out detailing on the collar and neckline also add a boho touch.

It is a super relaxed shirt, yet the simple white color makes it is easy to dress up.

I wore my blue beaded Alex + Ani and my beaded Aid Through Trade bracelets. 

I added some turquoise in this bag from Francesca's Collections.

I continued the color in these wedge sandals from TJ Maxx.

I love finding simple tops like this and pairing them with a colorful detail.

Even though I will be busy, I will try to post often during these next 6 months. I will be headed to Statesboro, Georgia mid-July to help promote the Up with People tour in August. I am super excited to begin this new adventure, and am happy to have the Chelsea's Glossary followers come along with me.

Now, a few pictures from Colorado that I have taken in the past week:

Mountain views in Fraser, CO.

Denver capital building

Capital building during Pride.

Flatiron Mountains in Boulder, CO

Look for more posts from Colorado on my Instagram :)

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Chelsea's Glossary

Orange Scallop Dress

I never have enough excuses to wear this scalloped dress from J. Crew

Scallops are one of my favorite trends. I originally purchased it to wear for working in an office, but it definitely works well as a cocktail dress for summer. 

This vermillion color is vibrant for the summer months, and the scallop details add a fun touch.

I paired the dress with simple black accessories. 

This gumdrop pendant necklace is from Kate Spade

These simple black leather wedges are from Marshall's. 

I purchased this gold seahorse bracelet at a boutique, and it adds a simple nautical touch to the outfit.

Peter Pilotto sunglasses top it off. 

What are some of your favorite summer trends?

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Chelsea's Glossary

Travel Update + Scallops, Pink & Mint

Because I leave in less than a week for my new position (which you can read about here), I have been going out of my way to wear as many different gems from my closet that I won't be packing with me (i.e.; white shorts, button downs that need ironing, colorful and heavy jewelry, etc). 

I genuinely think I have been to Target at least three times JUST in the past week. There is always something I think of that I need to pack. The good news is, I am almost done with getting everything together and have fit it all into a back pack and a rolling suitcase!

I thought about doing a "how to pack" blog post, but frankly I don't necessarily feel like an expert on the subject (even though I have been in contact with a lot of really helpful colleagues who have all packed for this job before). I will probably do one in December when I am ready to embark on the next 6 months, and I have become an expert on packing light! 

The most difficult part of "packing light" is bringing things for mostly business functions, but also including formal and casual wear on top of contrasting climate conditions (Mexico in September vs. Switzerland in December).

I think I have done well about keeping my packing list light. Over time, I have even gotten rid of a few items that I realized would be unnecessary (like bringing two grey cardigans). After carful consideration, what I am bringing looks something like this:
  • 1 winter coat (in a space bag), 1 rain coat, 1 every day coat
  • 2 blazers
  • 5 dresses (two which could be more formal)
  • 2 skirts, one which is a two piece so it could also can be worn to look like a dress
  • 2 pants
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 2 athletic shorts
  • 1 legging
  • 2 sweatpants (could be used for pajamas, lounging, or for volunteer work where we need long pants)
  • 1 pajama pant
  • 1 bathing suit
  • 8 light weight blouses, 2 formal blouses
  • 1 sweater
  • 5 plain t-shirts, 2 athletic shirts, 4 camis/tanks
  • 4 cardigans 
  • 1 fleece
  • 5 pairs of shoes (heels, flats, tennis shoes)
  • 2 scarves
  • 2 belts
  • 5 necklaces
Is this packing light for 6 months? I will let you know in December.   

Probably my toughest decision was deciding not to bring any of my hair styling tools (straightener, blow dryer, curling iron). They just take up too much space, and would be relatively useless once I enter Europe because of the low voltage (I have bad memories of blowing out a circuit in a London hotel).

What I am wearing now is a pink and green striped button down from H&M, a mint jewel necklace from Francesca's Collections, these scalloped shorts which I am OBSESSED with and have worn a bunch but haven't blogged, from Loft

The mint accents the green within the shirt's stripes. 

I added some gold detail with my watch from Kate Spade

I continued the gold with my sandals from the Gap

And I matched my accessories with these pearl and gold bracelets. 

After this week my blog posts will happen when I am on the road. I will be busy, but I will try to post often!

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Chelsea's Glossary

Button Downs, Bib Necklaces, and Polka Dots

So I officially leave for the first half of my year long adventure next Friday. I have been busy packing (which is very difficult to do as a person who loves clothes), and have been spending time with friends and loved ones. 

Recently, Mike and I went adventuring into the metroparks (and got some ice cream) before meeting some friends for dinner. 

It was chilly out so I layered a red Tommy Hilfiger button up underneath my green cargo jacket.

I also love the light blue detailing on the inside of the collar and the cuffs. 

This teal and green bib necklace from Francesca's Collection is pretty for summer, and contrasts nicely against the red shirt. 

I wore this Kate Spade cross-body purse which has been my go-to this summer. 

I purchased these light blue and white polk-a-dot Keds from Macy's on clearance for $20!

This casual outfit is colorful for summer but the layers make it practical for the cooler weather. 

When it gets hot outside I would love to wear this with some white scalloped shorts instead of jeans. 

I hope you have been enjoying the outdoors this month! We have some beautiful scenery in Ohio that I have been enjoying before I leave.

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Chelsea's Glossary

South West Style: Fringe and Patterned Jacket

Happy Tuesday! 

It was a busy week leading into a busier weekend. I was at the Taylor Swift concert in Pittsburgh on Saturday and have been running errands since I have been home.

I wore this simple outfit the other day with a little south west inspiration.

I recently picked up this blue and white tribal patterned jacket from Old Navy (for only $11 on clearance!) I threw it on over a basic grey t-shirt from Target, and added some colorful accessories. 

This necklace is from Forever 21, and I love the fringe and western inspired elements. I wore this colorful leather belt that I thrifted to pick up the detail in the necklace. 

This oversized brown fedora is one of my favorite accessories, and goes well with this eclectic look.

You can never go wrong with a colorful bag, and this one is from Kate Spade.

I wore simple grey "Keds inspired" shoes from Target

My cuffed jean shorts are from Old Navy, and are comfortable for a casual outfit like this.

I love styling unique items and this jacket is a fun new layering piece for my wardrobe.

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Chelsea's Glossary