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Following What Makes You Happy

Hi all! So I have been a very, very bad blogger. My job on the road has made blogging an obstacle because I barely have any free time, and when I do it is typically in the evening when I want to relax or hangout with my host family. 

I have spent my summer traveling in Georgia and Colorado, but am coming home for health reasons. I have been having very bad stomach and head aches that have continued to become more frequent and more painful each week. They randomly happen and cause me to feel nauseous, dizzy, blur my vision, and I am still trying to find the root of what is causing them. 

Due to this incredibly hectic and stressful lifestyle with working 14 hour days, including most weekends, I haven't had much time to rest or figure out what is going wrong. Therefore, I decided that what is best for my health is to take time off to rest and go to the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic. I have enjoyed my experience having a job on the road, but have learned a lot about myself and the lifestyle the fits with my personality and wellbeing.

I have taken a blogging break this summer, but I am excited to come back and continue to share posts on affordable fashion and styling.

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