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Navy Lace & Stripes (With A Floral Purple Backdrop)

 I was immediately inspired when I saw this patch of purple flowers.

My favorite part of spring is all of the flowers blooming at the same time, and I couldn't help but take some photos near these.

If you know anything about me, it is that I love navy and white. Combine it into a striped shirt, and I am sold. So when I found this shirt from Loft with lace sleeves, I knew I needed to purchase it immediately.

This top is perfect because it is a bit heavier and more structured than a t-shirt, but still a soft and comfortable fabric. It easy to dress up or down too!

Plus the lace detailing is gorgeous.

I decided to wear some jeans from Gap with this top, but I am excited to try wearing it with a midi skirt or shorts during the summer. 

My white pebble necklace I purchased from Dress Barn, and it is a simple way to accessorize without being too fancy.

I also wore this vintage snake ring which my Mom gave me.

I am going to continue wearing these Pac Sun booties probably until June, or when someone forces me to put them away in my closet. 

We have been lucky to have some sunshine after a few cold and rainy days. Hopefully it continues to stay nice outside!

Did I mention I graduate college this weekend? Wait where did the time go?! My next post will be from the new and improved Chelsea, with a Bachelor of Arts degree!

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