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Coral Sweater and Statement Stones

I came home this weekend to get my hair chopped off! I cut off about 5 inches, and got some side bangs (which I can't stop playing with). I absolutely love that my hair now looks and feels healthy, and I don't have to worry about my tangled ends anymore.

As it has been getting colder, I have been wearing my heavier water proof Michael Kors coat. This coat was a gift, and it is not only warm and cozy, but classic that I can use for a long time. 

I enjoy having investment pieces, but I am convinced that it does not have to cost a lot to make an outfit look expensive. I am all about shopping sales and knowing when to find the best deals at stores. 

This coral sweater is from Old Navy and I purchased it for $7 (normally $30) after Christmas last year. My cream belt is from J. Crew, and I purchased it for under $10 during an extra 40% off sale, and my student discount.

Finding some inexpensive pieces to add to your wardrobe is all about timing, and if you purchase at the very end of the season you will catch the best deals.

Jeans: Gap
Boots: Old Navy

(both were also sale finds)

 I bought this J. Crew inspired statement stone necklace from Target, which you can purchase by clicking here! It is very similar in design to some of the more expensive J. Crew necklaces, and I actually got mine on clearance for $10 at my local Target. 

Watch: Kate Spade

This watch goes nicely with the necklace, and picks up the same gold and sparkle in the stones. 

I hope you find some great deals this holiday season! I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving, which also means my semester is almost over. I can't wait to finally finish all these projects and assignments due for finals, and spend more time blogging this winter.

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