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Summer Dresses with Fall Layers

Where do I begin! I have been at school since the end of August, and it has been an extremely busy semester. To start it off, I cut my thumb on a mandolin the day before the first day of classes. If you ever watch the Food Network, you’ll know what a mandolin is. It has been healing nicely, but for the first few weeks of school I had my friends help bandage me, and it was difficult to do a bunch of silly tasks like put my hair up. 

Secondly, I was busy with formal sorority recruitment. I decided to be a recruitment guide this fall, so I helped take the women who were rushing to each chapter and served as an unbiased guide. A part of the process for the recruitment guides is disaffiliating from your chapter until the end of recruitment. This meant nobody could know what sorority I was from or see pictures of me with other affiliated women on social media. With all this going on, I wanted to wait until after recruitment to start blogging again.

At the end of summer, I was able to purchase some light cotton dresses from H&M. I love the skater style of the dress, and I knew that this was an item that I would be able to wear transitioning into the colder months. We have been lucky with some warmer, light jacket weather, and this dress is perfect for that. 

The dress is a tropical pattern in navy and white, so I layered it with my green surplus jacket from American Eagle to contrast against the design.

Purse: M.A.C. bag by Rebecca Minkoff

Bracelets (bottom to top): Aeropostale, Francesca's Collections, Alex + Ani, Gift

 Rings: Forever 21

I paired this outfit up with my staple summer shoes, my white Converse. Sometimes you have to wear white after labor day. 

I can’t believe how it is already October. Midterms are already next week and Homecoming for my school is this weekend. I am on the Homecoming court, so I am going to be extremely busy this weekend, but it will be a lot of fun to have my family come up and celebrate with me. I am trying to balance everything in order to survive the semester, because what I really love doing is blogging and sharing with you all. Now that some of the chaos is over, I am hoping to be able to blog more outfits and stay on top of things happening in fashion.

I know I have talked a lot in this post, but I am excited to get back into the swing of writing again!

Until next time.

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