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Coral Patterns

It's no secret I like button downs. If it has a niche and clever pattern adorned across it, definitely a bonus. 

JCrew has just a huge variety of patterned shirts for every season that I have to restrain myself from purchasing. However, I recently caved to buy one at their summer sale. 

I couldn't resist this geometric coral reef pattern paired with a blue and white stripe detail around the collar and buttons. It had my name written all over it, plus it was only $25 dollars.

I paired it with my pointed polka-dot flats from the GAP, because what goes better with a coral patterned shirt than coral colored shoes?

I wore this with jeans because it was in the 60's, but I would also pair it with navy or white chino shorts in warmer weather. 

 I've also decided that everyone looks cooler with aviators, and I got this mirrored pair from Target. This pair has been a staple accessory in my summer wardrobe.

I recently got back from the third weekend of New Student Orientation at my University and it was such a blast (pics below!) I am more exhausted than ever and just spent my Sunday afterwards watching movies and making Indian food. I couldn't be more excited for my post-work nap tomorrow and hopefully going on a run to work off all of the McDonalds and Taco Bell I have consumed from quick meals during the weekend.

Until next time,

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