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Cozy in a Teal Flannel

Happy Wednesday! I currently have been obsessed with this navy puffer vest, and pairing it with cozy flannel shirts.

Vest: Oldnavy

I love the gold detailing of the hardware on this vest because it goes well with a lot of my different gold accessories. 

Flannel: Target
Jeans: Oldnavy

The vest color also brings out the vibrant tones that are in the flannel. Layering with a vest adds dimension to an outfit, and provides texture-- which I love for winter.

Teal Pyramid Bracelet: Nordstrom
Gold Pyramid Bracelet: Aeropostale

Golf Loafers: Urban Outfitters


I hope you all are having a great week! Any Valentines Day plans for Friday? Be sure to check out my Instagram to see what I will be up to for the holiday!

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