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Welcoming 2014!

I usually find New Years Eve to be an incredibly depressing holiday. "Another year over, another year done" is a phrase that makes me think about how time seems to pass so quickly. It is amazing how much changes in a year, and this year is no exception. This is the first time I actually have spent my holiday at home feeling completely content and happy. 

This year has had its ups and downs, but within the bad it gave me time to reflect on why I was unhappy and gain insight to the things I wanted for myself. The last 6 months have been such a blessing, and I feel lucky to be in the place I am right now. 

This year I have embraced the things I am passionate about, and I found my passion in blogging and writing. I have created goals for myself, and working towards them has given me a purpose that really makes me enjoy and appreciate every day. In addition to this, being surrounded by loving and supportive people has really helped 2013 be an amazing year. I have learned to worry less. Things will work out if you put your heart and soul into it. If they don’t happen the way you want, things will turn out a different way for the better. I have learned to control the bad stress and anxiety, and embrace the good stress that motivates you to achieve your goals. 

I have also learned to embrace change. Not knowing what the future holds is incredibly scary, but complacency is even scarier. I’ve learned that risks are worth taking for the possible reward, and that embarrassment passes quicker than regret. 

I am so lucky to have an amazing group of friends, and this year truly proved how important they are to me. I have really learned the importance of living in the moment and not taking and people for granted. I have met many amazing new people, and rekindled friendships.

This is the first time I am looking forward to what things come with 2014. I can’t wait to continue this blog and see where things go! One thing I have learned is not to be afraid to dream big and go for the things you want; you are worth having the best life out there. 


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