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Cozy in Cords and Phillip Lim

Hey friends! So some of you may know, but my Birthday was this past week and it is crazy to say that I am finally 21!

I didn't do anything too wild, unless you count getting two slices of cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory "wild" (which you might if you saw the size of those slices).

Considering it was in the negative degrees, I dressed warmly in a cozy sweater, cords, and boots.

Hunter Green Corduroy Pants: American Eagle

I love these pants because they are high waisted, and my first pair of high waisted pants that I've owned. They seem to be much more comfortable than the "normal waisted" pants. I really want to snag a few more pairs of these. 

Bag: Forever 21

I can always count on this simple black cross-body bag.

Sweater: 3.1 Phillip Lim

The beaded detailing in the neck adds a little bit of sparkle to this cream colored sweater.

Combat Boots: Steve Madden

Pearl Bracelets: Birthday Gift :)

I hope you all have kept warm this week and have a great Friday!

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