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Pairing Patterned Jeans

Happy Monday! I am extremely excited for this week because I am going to New York City this weekend! Plus it will soon be the end of the semester, and I can't wait to be home for the Holidays! I won't be posting for the rest of the week, but look forward to some posts from the city in the near future and on my Instagram!

Using a patterned pant can help to turn a casual outfit into something dressier. It can be intimidating to have a lot of pattern on your body, but a great way to pair polka dot jeans is to use simple and neutral colored accents with just a touch of detailing. 

Using darker colors helps neutralize the bold pattern, and make it look less overwhelming. 

Jeans: Target

I paired the look with a classic black blazer.

Blazer: Target


This detailed t-shirt in an olive green color is a great neutral piece with a small amount of detail to still give it a special touch. The crystals on the collar are a great replacement for jewelry.

Top: H&M

I wore these bootie heels which help tie in the neutral colors of the rest of the outfit and break up some of the pattern in the pants. Plus for being heels, they are practical for the winter time and any snow that may come your way!

Shoes: Target

This is a great look for giving a presentation in class, or going out to dinner or a night out with friends. Adding a blazer and a simple top help tone down aggressive patterns, and make trendy pieces more approachable!

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