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Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls

It is so easy to let others rule how you feel. Everyday we wake up and are judged, as well continuously judge others. Conscious of it or not, that is our human instinct. It is a defense mechanism in many ways; if we want to feel better about ourselves we should try and make something harder for someone else. 

I continuously follow the philosophy that you shouldn't let others get in the way of what makes you happy. I think that it is easy to sit back and take the brute, and just expect things will be okay. In actuality, saying something is okay is just being fearful. If you aren't happy, it is not okay. Life is too short to pretend that things are okay. 

I am writing this as a reflection because I have spent too much of my life wanting. Most of what I want is based upon what I think others want, and what I believe is expected of myself in the eyes of others. It wasn't until recently that I asked myself, "Why should I let someone else's opinion control my own happiness?" Everyone is going to have an opinion, someone is going to find something that they hate in what you do. You don't have to perpetuate it, that's not what happiness is.

In short, be selfish. Love things for yourself. Don't let others define the person you are or who you want to be. So often we feel that we must appease others or do certain things for attention. But what for? Is it earth shattering? Is it moving mountains? Take the risk to do what you love, even if it isn't the easy way it is going to provide you with the most satisfaction in the end. That's where true beauty, love, and happiness lie.

With love,

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